Homily Writing with Fr. Nathan Symeon

This week Fr. Michael is joined by special guest, Fr. Nathan Symeon. Fr. Nathan and Fr. Michael walk through the readings for that Sunday and talk about the themes they're hearing in the readings which they use for a homily. | LISTEN >

Word from a Poustinik: Goodness

This week Mother Natalia reflects on goodness and our inherit goodness given to us from God. | LISTEN >

Children in Church

Today we're joined by special guest  Pauline Meert. Pauline gives some practical suggestions of engaging kids in church. | LISTEN >

Monday Squirrels


Some of you are quite shocked by our graphic today! It's Lent! It's the Great Fast! And you're saying Alleluia?! | Read More

Live Recording!

We're so excited to give you all the details for our live recording! Click for the details! | Read More

The Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete

This Thursday we celebrate the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete. The canon was written by St. Andrew of Crete as part of his personal meditation and reflects on both the New Testament and the Old Testament in identifying how we should live. | Read More