Leaning In

This week we're joined by special guests Libby and Sandy! They're both Roman Catholics who talk about embracing the Byzantine fast for the first time. | Read More

What Leisure is Not with Mother Gabriella

This week Mother Gabriella joins us to talk to us about leisure. She uses the book Leisure by Josef Pieper as her jumping off point, and talks about what leisure is and what it is not. We learn how to rest and how that's different than vegging out. It's a thoughtful conversation that will stick with you! | LISTEN >

Diary of a Russian Priest

This week Mother Natalia talks about a book she's reading, The Diary of a Russian Priest, and inspiration she's received from it. The discussion covers a variety of topics including wearing masks to hide our true selves, finding inner peace, vocations, and our conscience. | LISTEN >

Monday Squirrels

Grabbing Quote

That's a quote from Mother Natalia in this week's upcoming episode. What's one small thing you do to witness to others and yourself? | Read More

What Are You Reading?

It's time for a bibliophile's favorite series - What Are You Reading? | Read More

The Apostles Fast

The Apostles' Fast starts today! The Apostle's Fast is the fast period fast between the 8th day after Pentecost and the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, June 29th. | Read More