A Grave Beauty with Joseph and Cesca O'

This week Fr. Michael is joined by special guests Joseph and Cesca O’Loughlin. They talk about truth and beauty found in the church and Jesus. | LISTEN >

When God's Will is "No" with Fr. Travis

This week we're joined by special guest, Fr. Travis Crotty. Fr. Travis joined Fr. Michael at SEEK23 to talk about vocations and how to handle a "no" in the discernment process. | LISTEN >

Need to be Needy

This week Mother Natalia talks about neediness and how it's necessary to be needy in our relationship with God. | LISTEN >

Monday Squirrels

Grabbing Quote

“If we don’t provide Jesus Christ, nothing else is worthy…He’s the only worthy gift to those who are seekers.” | Read More

Veneration of the Chains of Peter

Feast day alert! Today we celebrate the feast of the veneration of the chains of Peter. There are two sets of chains collectively known as the Chains of Peter.| Read More

Have You Prayed Today?

Prayer can be done in a variety of places and postures, including lying down near a fountain! If we are to pray without ceasing, as called to do so by St. Paul, then we will find ourselves out and about living our lives but also constantly communicating with God. | Read More