The Team


Stephen is the audio engineer for What God is Not. His job is to make sure the podcast sounds nice so you don’t miss a line of banter or a theological truth that’s good for the soul. Stephen and his family live in Southern California where he is a freelance audio engineer.





Valeria is a Roman Catholic! (For now…). Valeria helps with Instagram Stories for the podcast. She lives in Southern California and attends Fr. Michael’s parish. She is also a biology student who loves coffee, God, and St. Mary of Egypt. 





Rachel is a Roman Catholic (who is jealous of all the Byzantine awesomeness). She serves as the Director of Operations for Photina. Her job is to help make sure the practical, boring things happen. Rachel and her family live in Indiana.








Beth is a Roman Catholic. (Shhh, don’t let them know!) Part of the media team, Beth does a lot of the day-to-day interaction on our social media pages and is responsible for getting the podcast published. She’s the oldest of seven and a native of Akron, Ohio. Beth is an avid reader, loves Everton Football Club, and God.