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Prayer Intentions for the Week of January 31, 2024

Do you need prayer to help in some area in your life where you have an unhealthy fear? Or perhaps you don't have a healthy fear and need prayer related to that. Maybe you need help seeing God working in your life and belaying you on your journey. How can the podcast community lift you up in prayer?

Mother Natalia asks for prayers for herself as she starts a weekly guest spot on Pints with Aquinas.

Father Michael asks for prayers for a few moms in his life that are suffering in their pregnancies. He also asks us to pray for a few friends who have recently suffered miscarriages.

Programming note - our platform does not allow for direct response to comments. We do read them and are praying for our listeners. God bless!


  • Jacob A.

    I could use a lot of prayer in discernment! Additionally, I have exams the next week, and I have a lot of anxiety rolling over from last semester. God bless you all!

  • Nate Nobile

    I could use a lot of prayer in this area. I really struggle with self pity. When I sin and fall short of my ideals I lean toward self hatred and shame. Please pray for me that I may overcome these things. I would also appreciate it if you pray that I process my parents divorce and heal from the wounds it caused. Thanks and Godspeed.

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