Prayer Intentions for the Week of June 19, 2024

How can the podcast community pray for you? Do you need prayers so that you incorporate more daily prayers into your life?

Fr. Michael asks us to pray for Lupe, for his health and his family.

Mother Natalia asks us to pray for Rayo who brings out Mother Natalia's motherly heart. 

Programming note - our platform does not allow for direct response to comments. We do read them and are praying for our listeners. God bless!


  • Patricia M. Little

    Please pray that I do not let the evil one take over my thoughts. I am anxious about a big move I am making and how can I ever do it. I know all things are possible with God, however the evil one wants to get me overwhelmed with all the logistics. I keep on turning my thoughts back to God and asking Him to help me understand He is always with me, but the evil one wants to keep me anxious. I know God does not want this. Please pray for peace for me. Thank you in advance for your prayers! I truly appreciate them! God bless you both!

  • Margaret

    Please pray for me. I am a mother of two very young children. I am struggling with not falling into despair over leaving my children to go to work. I have a job to help my (wonderful) husband cover bills.

  • Michael MacDonald

    Please pray for my daughter, her husband and their conversation

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