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Prayer Intentions for the Week of June 26, 2024

How can the podcast community pray for you? Do you need prayers to help you pay attention to your inner parts that make you up as a human?

Mother Natalia asks us to pray for her friend Craig Kinsey.

Fr. Michael asks us to pray for Mary and Rob Bagdazian. Their son, Daniel, has some issues with his spine and back. Also for Sarah Jimenez who asked Fr. Michael to also pray for Daniel.

Dr. Gerry asks us to pray for his wife who is recovering from COVID. Please also pray for his daughter who is finishing up her PhD in clinical psych. Dr. Gerry also asks us to pray for a friend of his who is having marriage problems.

Programming note - our platform does not allow for direct response to comments. We do read them and are praying for our listeners. God bless!


  • Gina

    Pray for my mother Susan who is recovering from breast cancer and is a recent widow.
    Pray for my brother Kyle who has a lot of responsibilities in the world.
    Pray for my boyfriend Martin who is terrified of losing his children in a custody battle.
    Pray for me to continue growing closer to God and to discern my vocation.

  • Ivana

    Please pray for my parents who are having serious marriage difficulties. Thank you!

  • Car

    Pray for me as I’m in the thick of motherhood to a toddler and a newborn. Also please pray for my brother, as he struggles with some chemical dependency issues.

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