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Prayer Intentions for the Week of November 8, 2023

Do you have prayer requests you can share with your fellow listeners? Comment on this post!

Father Michael asks us to pray for a men's group he's helping with in Fillmore, California. He also asks us to pray for a local family who has donated their house to a nonprofit that works with unhoused, homeless, pregnant, and nursing mothers.

Mother Natalia asks us to pray for the Eparchy of Parma and their continued growth in holiness, to follow the instruction of newly enthroned Bishop Robert Pipta with obedience and joy.

Kyle asks us to pray for Wyoming Catholic College, especially for those who love the Byzantine chaplaincy at the college.

Mother Natalia also asks us to pray for Kyle's oldest daughter and her tender heart, and that she gets to know her daddy's love.

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  • Juan Salas

    Please pray for Bishop Michael Kwiatkowski who has been appointed bishop of the Eparchy of New Westminster, and will be enthroned on Nov 18.

  • Mary-Clare

    Please pray for a friend who has been told by a priest to leave her husband and pursue an annulment.

  • Nate Nobile

    Please pray for me that I may have clarity of God’s will for my life going forward, and that I may have peace of mind.

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