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Prayer Intentions for the Week of October 18, 2023

How can your fellow listeners pray for you? Comment on this post! Let's lift each other up in prayer.

Mother Natalia asks us to pray for Gregg & Elizabeth Stovicek.

Father Michael asks us to pray for Christina and Rich.


  • Debbie Greco

    Please pray that my husband will seek baptism and thst i will be a better wife and the he comes home safe tonight. And also that my children will return to the faith whole hearted and give it to my grandkids

  • Julia Reddan

    Know that you are in my prayers. Please pray that our growing family can afford a house and that we remember to always be grateful for the blessings and graces God has given us.

    ( Fr Michael, you do mumble and talk too fast 🙈 love you anyway lol )

  • Chelsea Feducia

    Upcoming women’s and then men’s ACTS retreats- for all involved!!
    For all wars to end
    For Angie Feducia, my aunt, who struggles with self worth and loneliness.

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