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Prayer Intentions for the Week of October 4, 2023

How can the podcast community pray for you? Comment on this post!
Mother Natalia asks us to pray for Bishop-Elect Robert Pipta, newly appointed bishop for the Eparchy of Parma.

Father Michael asks us to pray for Peter, Brandon, and Jorge who Fr. Michael met out in his bar ministry.


  • Nate Nobile

    Should go without saying but please pray for peace throughout the world, especially in The Holy Land and Ukraine. Also I’m seriously considering religious life please pray that I may do God’s will in my decisions.

  • David Wilmowski

    Please pray for the peaceful repose of the soul of my Grandmother, Mary Anne Wilmowski, the reversion of my cousins Emily, Jordan, and Maddy, the reversion of my Uncle Chris, and for all of the Seminarians and Formators of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix.

  • John santos

    My wifeis very sick, we are broke and expecting the Fifth kid. I would gve more demais but i am mentally exhaust about this.pls pray

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