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Feast of the Holy Martyr Theodore Romzha

Today we celebrate the feast of the Holy Martyr Theodore Romzha, a newer saint in the Eastern rite and Bishop of Mukachevo. You'll remember from our post last year that he's loved by Mother Natalia for his ardent love for his spiritual children. And he's the namesake of Mother Theodora, founder of Christ the Bridegroom Monastery and the lovely voice that introduces every episode!
Bishop Theodore was appointed bishop at the young age of 33, was bishop for 3 short years before his death. In Bishop Theodore we can see the impact that one person, one young person, can make in a short period of time. He was clear in his stand against the Soviets and in his loyalty and conviction to remain in communion with the Pope.
May God give us similar conviction in our living our day to day lives. May we too, be firm in the face of evil, stand up for what is right, and remember that our ultimate home is heaven.

Holy Martyr Theodore Romzha, pray for us!

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