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Saint Photina

In yesterday's Gospel we hear about the Samaritan Woman and her encounter with Jesus at the well. The Samaritan Woman, St. Photina, is our patronal saint and is near and dear to our hearts. There is so much to say about this Gospel passage.
We see Jesus reaching out to her at a specific moment in her life, in her comfort zone, where she is likely trying to avoid people. We hear her vulnerability and curiosity in her questions and discussion with Jesus. We hear Jesus' gentleness yet firmness, "You are right in saying you have no have had five husbands...what you are saying is quite true." The Samaritan Woman's encounter with Jesus is so impactful to her she evangelizes her whole town. First they believe because of her, but then as they get to know Jesus, they believe because of their encounter with Him.
So much to say! What about this passage strikes you?

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