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St. Boniface, Martyr

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Boniface, Martyr. He was a slave of St. Aglaida and they lived together in sin. Thanks be to God, they realized their sin and desired to live a more holy life. St. Aglaida arranged for St. Boniface to travel East to bring back relics of martyrs, so that through seeing the relics of the martyrs in their home they may be more apt to live a life of holiness. St. Boniface's last words to St. Aglaida are reported to be, "And what if, lady, I do not find the relics, and instead I myself suffer for Christ, -- wilt thou accept my body with reverence?"

When St. Boniface entered the city of Tarsus he saw Christians being persecuted and upon witnessing their joy in suffering asked the Christians for their prayers. He then submitted himself to their persecutors saying, "I am a Christian." St. Boniface suffered much horror and persecution, but he remained alive and unharmed due to the Lord's grace. He did eventually succumb to injuries, but due to the length of time it took for him to die and the manner in which he suffered, he converted a reported 550 people upon his death.

May we, like Saints Boniface and Aglaida, realize our sin and desire for an immediate conversion. May we seek out the small ways in which we can be reminded of our Christianity so we do not fall into sin. And may we joyfully surrender to God in our sufferings.

St. Boniface, pray for us.

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