Feast Day, Saints -

St. Zoe and St. Photina

Listeners, would you pray for Valeria from our media team who's taking her finals this week?

Today we celebrate the feast day of Saints Zoe and Photina. This isn't our patron saint, Photina, but a different Photina. St. Zoe was a prostitute who purposefully tempted St. Martinian. Upon being tempted, St. Martinian built a fire and stepped into it to avoid the sin she was proposing. Seeing this great courage, St. Zoe was amazed and asked St. Martinian what she should do, and he sent her to Bethlehem to live in the monastery with St. Paula. She lived in the monastery for twelve years until her death.

St. Photina encountered St. Martinian after her ship wrecked and she landed on the island where he was living. St. Martinian left the island on dolphins and died, in order to not be tempted by St. Photina. St. Photina remained on the island until her death, where her body was found incorrupt.
Saints Zoe and Photina, pray for us.

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