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The Holy Female Martyr Christina

Today we celebrate the feast of the Holy Female Martyr Christina. She lived an extraordinary life. She was not raised in the faith and at the young age of 11 was locked in a tower by her father because of her extreme beauty. It was there that she encountered God, by looking at the beauty of the world around her. She destroyed the idols which had been placed in the tower by her father, which enraged him.

Christina underwent many tortures and indignities, all in the hopes that she would denounce her newly found faith and turn back to idol worship. She maintained her faith during the tortures and died a martyr's death.
Here we have an example of a woman who encountered God in creation and then remained confident in her faith despite tortures and indignities from her family. She encountered something real, something true, and that was more powerful than any of the idols. May our faith be as strong as hers!

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