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Veneration of the Chains of Peter

Feast day alert!

Today we celebrate the feast of the veneration of the chains of Peter. There are two sets of chains collectively known as the Chains of Peter. First, there are the chains which were used to hold St. Peter when he was imprisoned by Herod, as written about in the book of Acts. These chains were gathered by the faithful and distributed as relics, and ultimately some of them ended up in Rome. The chains which were used to hold St. Peter prior to his crucifixion in Rome were also placed with the first set of chains.

It may seem odd to venerate these chains. We're showing a great respect for these physical objects which are certainly not divine. And yet, many people reported great healing after touching these chains.
Today's feast recognizes God providing healing for people when they touch these chains, and recognizes the holiness of St. Peter, the Rock upon which the Church was founded. God makes a statement in the healing. He shows us that yes, He can work miracles even through these ordinary chains.

Let's remember today that God is capable of working in the ordinary in our lives, as well as the extraordinary. St. Peter, pray for us!

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