What Are You Reading? -

What Are You Reading?

This is what it looks like at podcast meetings when the media team asks for photos of Fr. Michael with books, and he sends us a photo right then and there with any book within reach!

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Sister Natalia is reading The Scent of Water by Elizabeth Goudge. She says, "I'm reading this because it was recommended to me by two different podcast listeners who know I like other of Goudge's books. I was drawn into this one even sooner than I usually am by her books and, as always, she captures the sense of beauty that we often lose as we get older. Completely heart piercing. But, like other Goudge novels, I would warn readers that she is very descriptive in her writing. Don't be dismayed by long paragraphs of mostly adjectives!"

Continuing from our recent episode How the Fathers "Discerned", Father Michael is reading Gregory the Theologian's Oration 2. He says, "Gregory was ordained a priest by his own father. This ordination startled and confused him so much that he fled from his responsibilities and spent some time with his best friend (Basil he Great) in prayer and study. When he finally returned, he composed this Oration, which is an explanation of why he fled, why he returned, and what he believes make a good priest."

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