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What Are You Reading? Nothing With Your Eyes Closed

Did you resolve to read more books this year? Never fear, we've got ideas! Join our group on Goodreads - What God is Not - and browse our books to see what you can add to your list! Or recommend books to us and your fellow listeners!

Father Michael is reading The Journals of Father Alexander Schmemann, 1973-1983. He writes, "This was another book recommended at a recent retreat. I'm also reading Schmemann's 'For the Life of the World' and want to get to know his personal spirituality more deeply." Father Michael is pictured with Riley.

Mother Natalia is reading Alone with Christ Alone by Sr. Kristen Gardner, SHM. She writes, "Our very own Beth from the media team gave me this book! It was substantially destroyed in the Southwest luggage debacle, but still readable. Sr. Clare's journey reminds me entirely too much of my own. Definitely an encouraging read - she's inspiring to give myself more fully, really, and vulnerably to the Lord!"

Breaking the fourth wall a bit, I (Beth) can tell you that this book was super good. I also highly recommend the video on Sister Clare which was put out by her order.

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