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Await and Hasten

This week Mother Natalia uses a scripture passage from 2 Peter as inspiration for her episode. She talks about being patient while waiting but also hastening towards our call, or whatever we're waiting for. We give some practical advice on waiting while simultaneously hastening, and also give an example of not pursuing the next step that God is calling us to.

2 Peter 3:11-12
Italy Tour with Chris Stefanik


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  • Carmelo

    Hi ! I write to you from Sicily (Italy; I was born there) but, usually, I live in Chile. Me encanta la música at the beginning of the podcast! What’s title’s theme? Thanks to M.Natalia por su entrega entera and to P. Michael por la suya too. To both thanks for your acompañamiento en el camino de follow Jesus or to live a life as a gift for sharing. Greetings, buen camino! Carmelo

  • Julie

    Hi just wondering what Maddie’s role is in the monastery? I hear her name a lot and just dont know her role. Love your podcast so much! God bless

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