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Meet the Nuns, Mini Topic, Special Guest, The Nuns -

This week we're joined by special guest, Mother Petra! Mother Petra and Mother Natalia talk about experiencing an ache for beauty and how that ache can be given to us by God.

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Leisure, The Nuns -

This week Mother Gabriella joins us to talk to us about leisure. She uses the book Leisure by Josef Pieper as her jumping off point, and talks about what leisure is and what it is not.  We learn how to rest and how that's different than vegging out. It's a thoughtful conversation that will stick with you!

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Suffering, The Nuns -

This week we continue our "Meet the Nun" series with Mother Iliana! Mother Iliana talks about suffering and sickness, and how we encounter God in our suffering. She also talks about visiting the sick and how allowing others to visit you when you're sick helps them fulfill Jesus' command to visit the sick.

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Monastery, Silence, Special Guest, The Nuns -

We're joined this week by Mother Cecilia. Mother Cecilia is one of the original founders of Christ the Bridegroom Monastery, and has been at the monastery for 12 years. Silence is a topic near and dear to her heart, and in this episode she talks about what silence is not, in an effort for us to understand what silence is.

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