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Prayer -

This week Fr. Michael and Mother Natalia talk about prayer.

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Death, Joy, Prayer, Sorrow -

This week Mother Natalia talks about ways she's encountered God and His joy, despite going through a very hard time in her life.

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Prayer, Retreat -

This week Mother Natalia talks about her retreat and the fruits of her retreat. She talks about how this retreat helped her learn or relearn to “just be” with Jesus, not necessarily learning anything, or having a divine revelation, but just learning to be and rest.

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Prayer, Unaswered Prayer -

Father Michael uses two Gospel passages along with some prayer requests in his life to talk about unanswered prayer and how our unanswered prayers unite us with our forefathers.

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Divine Liturgy, Prayer -

This week Father Michael and Sister Natalia talk about putting forth effort to pray during Divine Liturgy.

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