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This week Mother Natalia uses a scripture passage from 2 Peter as inspiration for her episode.

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Motherhood, Parenting, Scripture, Vocations -

This week Fr. Michael talks about the ordinariness lived out in a mother's vocation and her hiddenness in that ordinariness.

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Bishop, Ceremonies, Vesting, Vocations -

We're in person this week! This week Father Michael walks through the prayers that are said as a bishop is vested at a hierarchical Divine Liturgy.

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Discernment, Special Guest, Vocations -

This week we're joined by special guest, Fr. Travis Crotty. Fr. Travis joined Fr. Michael at SEEK23 to talk about vocations and how to handle a "no" in the discernment process.

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Listener Topic, Mini Topic, Servant, Vocations -

This week Father Michael takes a listener question on vocations and talks about how we can each live out our call within the church.

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