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Childlikeness, Curiosity, Scripture, Zacchaeus -

This week Fr. Michael uses the story of Zacchaeus as inspiration for this week's episode. He talks about the childlikeness found in Zacchaeus as well as his curiosity.

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Motherhood, Parenting, Scripture, Vocations -

This week Fr. Michael talks about the ordinariness lived out in a mother's vocation and her hiddenness in that ordinariness.

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Mini Topic, Scripture, Wedding Banquet -

This week Fr. Michael talks about the parable of the wedding banquet found in Matthew, another scripture passage that has confused both him and Mother Natalia.

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Scripture, Special Guest -

This week we're joined by special guest, James Parisi. He offers a personal reflection he's had on Matthew 25.

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Evangelization, Scripture, Synod on Synodality -

This week Father Michael reflects on the call from Isaiah to expand the tent, which is reflected in the Church's Synod on Synodality.

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