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Scripture, Special Guest -

This week we're joined by special guest, James Parisi. He offers a personal reflection he's had on Matthew 25.

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Evangelization, Scripture, Synod on Synodality -

This week Father Michael reflects on the call from Isaiah to expand the tent, which is reflected in the Church's Synod on Synodality.

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Authenticity, Scripture -

This week we're joined by special guest, Fr. Travis! In today's episode, Mother Natalia reflects on Romans 12 where St. Paul describes the marks of a true Christian. Mother Natalia talks about some practicalities in interacting with others, those that are interested in our true Catholic selves and those that aren't.

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Gratitude, Scripture -

This week Fr. Michael talks about the need for us to recognize the work God is doing throughout our entire life - the things we're working on and the things that come naturally to us.

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Lectio Divina, Psalms, Scripture -

This week Father Michael and Mother Natalia do an on-the-spot Lectio Divina of Psalm 16 (Septuagint ) / Psalm 17 (Vulgate).

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