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Annunciation, Live Recording, Promises, Theotokos -

Today's episode is a recording of the talk Mother Natalia gave at the SoCal Byzantine Retreat Day in March. Mother Natalia talks about the promises God makes to us and that He fulfills His promises

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Dormition, Mary, Theotokos -

This week Fr. Michael and Mother Natalia do a "reaction audio" of the canon for the Dormition of the Theotokos.

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Mary, Theology of the Body, Theotokos -

This week Father Michael talks about the difference between men and women, the wholistic beauty of the human person, and how Mary epitomizes everything which is good and beautiful about women. It's an interesting one!

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Mary, Theotokos -

This week we're looking at the types of the Theotokos found in the Old Testament.

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