Protoevangelion of James -

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This week Mother Natalia talks about the Protoevangelion of St. James and walks through some of the tradition found within it. We talk about traditions jointly shared between the Eastern and Western churches, and some of the traditions that are believed in the East.

Protoevangelion of James

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  • Katie Foster

    Mother Natalia!, i just had to comment..if it wasn’t from you dear Mother I think i would have been a bit agitated about the protoevangelium !( i had never heard of)so very interesting.. but the whole time i was listening i wanted to share with you something that has become sort of a companion ( book) of mine for over 30 years(yikes) The Life of Mary as seen by the Mystics – by Raphael Brown -certainly we are not compelled to take this as truth either but i sorta want to!!. I love the whole book but the chapter – The Espousals is so very lovely! Anyway! i just love you Mother and so appreciate you and Fr Michael and I know that you will be great on Pints – praying for you and all your sisters daily – Katie

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