Poverty -

Poverty vs Destitution

This week Mother Natalia walks through the differences between destitution and poverty following a homework assignment she gave one of her spiritual daughters. Mother talks about how poverty is the lack of any barriers between us and God, and how that should be our long-term goal. Mother Natalia talks about the poverty Adam and Eve had before the fall.

Mother Natalia challenges us to approach the Lord with trepidation and ask Him to show us where we're living in a destitute manner.

Christ the Bridegroom Typikon
The Philokalia
The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis

We'd love to have you join us for a live recording of the show, Tuesday, March 29th, at Holy Resurrection Parish in Euclid, Ohio. Vespers begin at 5:30, potluck vegan dinner at 6:15ish, and recording at 7ish. You're welcome to join us for part of all the event, no RSVP needed. Please bring a vegan dish to share.

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