Friendship, Special Guest -

Spiritual Friendship

Father Travis joined us for a second episode. This week we're talking about spiritual friendship, how our friendship with each other can build each other up and draw us closer to Christ.

From Christendom to Apostolic Mission by University of Mary
Outcast Catholic with Fr. Travis and Fr. Shane Deman
Companions of Christ, Denver
Quote from Evagrios: "When suffering from the fever of unclean passions, my intellect afflicted with shameful thoughts, I have often been restored to health by your letters, as I used to be by the counsel of our great guide and teacher."
Quote from St John Chrystostom on Friendship: "He who loves, ought so to love, that if he were asked even for his soul or life, and it were possible, he would not refuse it. I do not say, 'if he were asked,' but so that he would even run to present him with the gift. For nothing, nothing can be sweeter than such love; nothing will fall out there that is grievous."

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