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College, Friendship, Music, Special Guest -

This week we're joined by special guest Shaylee O'Loughlin, Fr. Michael's niece!

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Humility, Special Guest -

Today we're joined by special guest, Fr. Boniface Hicks, from St. Vincent Archabbey in Pennsylvania. In today's episode we talk about humility.

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Online Interactions, Special Guest, Virtual -

This week we're  joined by special guest Matt Fradd of Pints with Aquinas. Mother Natalia talks about our online interactions and the way we perceive and interact with  people online vs in-person.

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Marriage, Married Priesthood, Priesthood, Special Guest -

This week we're joined by special guests Fr. Nathan Symeon and his wife Ali. Fr. Nathan Symeon and Ali talk about married priesthood from their own perspective and experience.

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Coptic Orthodox, Servanthood, Special Guest -

This week Mother Natalia and Father Michael are joined by two special guests, Mother Gabriella from Christ the Bridegroom Monastery and Natalie Bishay, a Coptic Orthodox since birth. Natalie shares some of the beauties of Coptic Orthodoxy, including their mentality of being servants and their process of electing men for the priesthood.

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