Mini Topic, Usefulness, Worthlessness -

Useless but not Worthless

This week Mother Natalia talks about usefulness vs worthlessness. Our worth is not found in what we do but who we are. This is certainly a hard topic for us to process and we need reminded of this regularly.

We also have a mini-topic on holiness.

A Sign of Uselessness
Death in the Shadows by Paul McCusker


  • Marc Tinsley

    What an excellent excerpt about the danger of mindless affirmation and misplaced compassion. (From the mini-topic)

  • Michael Havens

    Mother Natalia,I am probably the one you talked to about my deviation over my health. I remember our talk and am grateful for your prayers. If my little part can help and heal others, Iā€™m glad.Thanks again for our talk and prayers.

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