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What Sensitivity is Not with Fr. Boniface Hicks

This week we're joined by special guest Fr. Boniface Hicks. Mother Natalia and Fr. Boniface talk about sensitivity. They talk about being a person who is perceived as "too sensitive" and interacting with people who are more sensitive than ourselves.

What Humility is Not with Fr. Boniface Hicks
Institute for Ministry Formation
Grief to Grace

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  • Marjorie

    Thank you so very much for this episode! It is one of the most helpful and liberating talks I have ever listened to! I too am a sensitive person, and have often felt kind of marginalized because I find it difficult for people to recieve me…to understand what I am trying to share, or to be interested in it. Not because I am an over effusive emoter but because of the way I experience life. I also appreciate both of you for the discussion on the gift of sesnitivity and the gift of receptivity and how both part compliment each other. There is just so much depth in this talk. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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