Holy Week, The Great Fast -

Great & Holy Week Part 1

This week we're kicking off a three part series where we walk through the liturgies for Holy Week. Today's episode covers Holy Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

The Year of Grace of the Lord by A Monk of the Eastern Church
Great Lent by Fr. Alexander Schmemann
Behold the Bridegroom
Useless but not Worthless

Monday Readings: Matt 21:18-43, Ezekiel 1:1-20, Exodus 1: 1-20, Job 1:1-12, Matt 24:3-35

Tuesday Readings: Matt 22:15-23:39, Ezekiel 1:21 - 28, Exodus 2:5-10, Job 1:13-22, Matt 24:36 - 26:2

Wednesday Readings: John 12:17 - 50, Ezekiel 2:3-3:3, Exodus 2:11-22, Job 2:1-10, Matt 26:6-16

Episode 200!
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