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Ache, Eternity, Longing -

This week Mother Natalia continues her discussion from a few episodes about the ache and longing we have in our hearts for eternity.

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Homily -

On this week's episode, Fr. Michael works through some ideas he has for a homily he's giving later that day. He talks about the need to be cognizant of the work God is doing in our lives, our heads, and our hearts.

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Fasting, Martyrs, Saints -

This week Mother Natalia takes a mini-topic request on recent Byzantine saints and also talks about fasting. Her discussion on fasting covers some of the reasons she likes fasting, the ways she can grow, and then some general practicalities on fasting.

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Childlikeness, Curiosity, Scripture, Zacchaeus -

This week Fr. Michael uses the story of Zacchaeus as inspiration for this week's episode. He talks about the childlikeness found in Zacchaeus as well as his curiosity.

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Belaying, Fear, Rock Climbing -

This week Mother Natalia shares about a recent experience rock climbing. She talks about healthy and unhealthy fear, recognizing the help that others around us provide, and ultimately how rock climbing relates to the spiritual life.

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