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Belaying, Fear, Rock Climbing -

This week Mother Natalia shares about a recent experience rock climbing. She talks about healthy and unhealthy fear, recognizing the help that others around us provide, and ultimately how rock climbing relates to the spiritual life.

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Fawn Response, Special Guest, Trauma -

This week we're joined by Kristin Molitor from the Institute for Ministry Formation. Kristin talks about the fawn response to danger, perceived danger, and trauma.

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Vocations -

This week Mother Natalia uses a scripture passage from 2 Peter as inspiration for her episode.

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Motherhood, Parenting, Scripture, Vocations -

This week Fr. Michael talks about the ordinariness lived out in a mother's vocation and her hiddenness in that ordinariness.

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Sensitivity -

This week we're joined by special guest Fr. Boniface Hicks. Mother Natalia and Fr. Boniface talk about sensitivity.

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